Women's National Evangelistic Missionary Conference, Inc.

Pastor Betti Logan-Franklin


Pat Abner


Minister Renee Kelly

Financial Secretary 

Minister Malika Sanders

Recording Secretary 

Pastor Mary Clark

2nd Vice-President 

Rev. Alice. V. J. Winston - Founder And the Lord carried me upon a high mountain and said to me call the women, preachers, the singing evangelist, the cottage workers and the slum workers….some came crying, some shouting, and some laughing. And then the Lord said to me, tell them to go forward, and lo I am with you always! So in obedience to the Great Creator of heaven and earth I go forward leading them and if I perish, I perish”… Alice V. J. Winston.

Rev. Dr. Gerlene Nesmith

Sargent at Arms 

In 1911, the late Rev. Winston organized a group of women who were called to ministry but lacked proper training and an opportunity to exercise their calling. The goal of the Woman’s National Evangelistic and Missionary Conference, which held its first meeting in Philadelphia, was and still is to be  source for growth, inspiration and motivation to women in ministry.

Deaconess Linda Woodson

3rd Vice-President 

Pastor JoAnn Davis

1st Vice-President 

Rev. Alice V. J. Winston - Founder 1911

National Officers